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25th May 2022

Dexter’s Day: Memory Lane

Mummy was telling me she was going  down Memory Lane.

I don’t think we’ve walked down there?

I thunked to her that I like going down any lane with her

So she started to tell me about all of my angel brothers and sisters

And her eyes dropped water

And that makes me sad

So I climbed on the bed and snuggled her in –

And she laughed and said , “I remember when you couldn’t get up here!

You were too small and very cute!”

”Í’m still very cute”, I thunked

And gave her my Very Best Cute Eyes

But she cuddled into me and it was SOOO nice

That I decided to go to sleep again –

But Mummy woke me up and said,

“Come on Dexter. We’ve got work to do!”

Which was a shame – coz Memory Lane made her lie still…


have a lovely day and make your own memories.

(What a memories? Can I eat them?)

Wuff and wags

Dexter x

ps this photo was before I grew into my ears!