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7th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Meeting a Princess!

Oh I had a Very Lovely Time, yesterday!

I took my parents to Latchi:

They’d been very good

So I thought I’d treat them.

I let them walk me on the beach

And watch me as I chased the naughty waves

And got soaking wet-

So I gave them BIG CUDDLES,

To say , ”thank you”.


Then Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve turned up!

(Aunty Jane was wearing the same clothes as Mummy!

But hers were dry).

So we went to lunch

And I met Princess!

She looked like me

But was cream

And she was a Grown Up!

She was 7 years old

But she still liked me.

I suppose coz I’m handsome.

And I had chicken

And garlic bread

But no beer

Coz I was helping Daddy drive home.

it’s a Very Important Job!

I look out of the back window and

Scare the cars behind us

Into keeping away.


I love my life

And my people

And mainly I love to EAT!



Wuff and wags

Dexter x