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23rd April 2022

Dexter’s Day: Me, Mummy and Plant Pot!

Mummy and Me got up VERY EARLY today!

The birds were singing

The sun was shining

The day was calling –

And to be fair, I was jumping on Mummy’s tummies

So she couldn’t just lie still!


Daddy was snoring but Mummy and I

Both thunked to ourselves,

” you aren’t asleep – you are pretending!”

But we didn’t mind

Coz we fed the cats, then fed the birds,

Made a Lovely Cup of Tea

And sat together on the settee on the balcony.

With my favourite plant pot!


It was cozy and we all thunked our own early thoughts.

(Well, I don’t think Plant Pot thunks too deeply –

he cannot because I’ve put too many holes in him,

so his thunks will all just fall out).


Happy Easter from our beautiful Peyia.

(Mummy thunked that to you too x).


Wuff and wags

Dexter x