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23rd April 2023

Dexter’s Day: Me and my shadows!

My parents are driving me crazy!

They are following me about; sitting next to me; cuddling me and feeding me treats!

They won’t let me lick ANYTHING! Well, not THOSE things anyway

So they’ve put a big cushion around my neck so I cannot reach.

If I lick my feet, I get shouted at – and I’m not even allowed to look ”down there!”


Not sure what is going on. I feel fine; my ‘pencil’ is still sharp (I check all the time),

And I’ve been very happy to do for a daily walk and today, even go into the sea…..


Maybe there is something wrong with either Mummy or Daddy?

Oh, I hadn’t thought about that!

Best I go and sit on top of them both on the settee and keep them safe.

(I did sleep between them again last night to be sure the monsters didn’t get in –

There was definitely one in the bed somewhere coz he was growling!).


Anyway, I’m feeling just great and happy and waggly tailed

and ready for Sunday lunch coz I WUFF Yorkshire puddings



Thank you for asking after me

Hope you are well too!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x