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14th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Man’s Work

Daddy and I have been very kind to Mummy, today.
She says we are keeping her VERY BUSY!

That’s good, isn’t it?
Daddy says women should be kept busy.
Mummy says Daddy should tidy up after himself!

He does.
He tidies the TV remotes away so Mummy doesn’t have to.
He puts his dirty clothes on the floor,
so Mummy doesn’t have to climb into the big box thing to get them out.
And he gets all of the pans out so Mummy can count them –
and he only uses the small one, so that’s good.

I’m good to Mummy too.
I leave my ”little parcels” in corners for her,
So she can play hide and seek AND be busy cleaning!

My toys are ”underfoot”, so she knows where they all are –
And she can find her way to the kitchen by following them
From upstairs!

Daddy looked at the ironing mountain for something
then put everything back when he found what he needed
but he put them back in a heap
so I had to pull them all back off onto the floor
So Mummy could fold them again.

We are both VERY good to Mummy!

And when she gets a little cross with us,
Daddy and I do our, ”cute eyes” at her,
and she shows her teeth at us,
so everything is okay again.

I like being busy and helping!
Got to go.
Haven’t finished the ”garden in the lounge” yet…

Wuff and Wags.
Dexter x