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3rd June 2022

Dexter’s Day: Man Stuff!

I had a lovely time yesterday.

I took Daddy and Mummy to Latchi,

To go swimming in the sea after I’d walked them.

They didn’t want to go swimming

But I did –

So I pulled them both into the sea.

It was GREAT fun!


Then Daddy and I talked and agreed to go to the boat.

We wanted to sit on the back and ‘thunk thoughts”.

Well, I thunk a lot of thoughts

But Daddy just needed ”time out”.

Mummy was talking – so we ignored her!

Girls just don’t understand that,

When a man needs to ”thunk”, he needs to ”thunk” quietly!

And Mummy needs to stop telling me to put my ”pencil” away!

It’s a ”man thing”.

We have to ”get it out” or check it every 3 seconds.

It’s easier for me coz I don’t wear trousers,

So I just get mine to ”pop out” for checking.

Daddy has to keep his wrapped up,

Away from monsters – and Mummy (!).


Anyway we had a good ”thunk” and a few beers

And all was well.

Apart from Mummy – who was a bit annoyed about being ignored!


It’s MAN STUFF, Mummy!

Don’t take it personally!


wuff and wags

Dexter x