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20th September 2023

Dexter’s Day: Lost the Plot!

Mummy has lost the plot!
I don’t know what ‘the plot is’ but I cannot eat it- though I stole a piece of birthday cake
And I’ve had a very poorly tummy ever since- but it was nice!

Anyway, Mummy stayed up with me this morning after our 5am Dive Bomb – and I thunked this wasn’t good:She wanted to chat to me! And I’d done my job and got her up and I just wanted to sleeeeeeeeep….

But oh no: we had to chat about how happy Mummy was the Cherie and Ali and Frances and Jill – and so many lovely people are here back in their villas for their holiday. And Di is here soon!
She was reminding me that they email to me and I email back to them – with paws for thought!
And she was just chatting!

We had too many lovely cups of tea and then we cleaned the house a bit.
I’m shattered.

The sooner she goes to work today , the sooner I can climb back into her bed and sleep!

Hope she finds ‘the plot’ today before she comes back!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x