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23rd September 2023

Dexter’s Day: Lost – and FOUND!

Judging by the excitement in my house this morning, something good has happened!
Daddy person was looking for something he couldn’t find – and found the thing Mummy has been looking for!
She’d put it in a ‘safe place’, which she told us she knew was a ‘different place’ but at least it was safe.
In a Christmas bag.
In the Christmas cupboard which used to be a wardrobe.
In the lounge, far away from where it lived.
But it was safe!

Daddy kept telling her that she was crazy to hide things the way she did –
and she kept telling him, that there was no problem: he’d found it eventually!

Me? Well I thunked, Just keep your head down Dexter – but I told my parents FEED ME!
And I KNOW where the food is and it’s only safe if the door is locked!

Happy endings.

wuff and wags
Dexter x