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30th December 2022

Dexter’s Day: Little Granny’s Sunset

Daddy says we ”saw Little Granny off” in style, yesterday.

Well, he called her ”George the Dragon” – which made me laugh

And which used to make her laugh –

Just before she hit him hard!

Especially when he sent a rolling pin with ”George” on it!


Anyway, the sunset at Yialos really was celebrating a ”Dragon”’:

It was burnt orange and red, with fire coloured skies

and very beautiful.

As was Little Granny.


I thunk this sunset was made by her:

To show us distant lands and magical places,

Lit up with colours

And going on forever……..


I don’t thunk Little Granny was a Dragon –

But she could be fiesty and her sunset showed us that!

One we’ll not forget.


wuff and wags

Dexter x