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21st December 2022

Dexter’s Day: Little Granny’s smile.

I thunk Little Granny is laughing at us all from Heaven!

She hid her smile before she left us –

and Aunty Steph person couldn’t find it anywhere!


Little Granny didn’t go anywhere without her ”teeth”,

So it was worrying that they couldn’t be found.


Mummy knew they were in a pocket

Coz the Angels told her this –

But Aunty Steph checked the pockets

And couldn’t find them…..


Last night, Aunty Steph was emptying Little Granny’s tumble dryer

And there, in the pocket of a dressing gown

Was Little Granny’s smile!


I thunk Aunty Steph got a fright!

She also got a smile

And I thunk that is very, very important.


I keep thunking to Mummy, that all is okay

Little Granny will smile on us all –

And now I thunk she believes me!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x