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14th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Life is Pants!

Me and Daddy play this game:

Well, Daddy sets it up for me

Then I play VERY LOUDLY!

I thunk Daddy doesn’t mean to make it a game

But IT IS!



Daddy takes his clothes off

and puts them on a pile on the wooden thing.

Shoes on the bottom, then tshirt and shorts

Then underwear.

Then he puts the cushion on the top.


Mummy shouts ”Put them in the basket”

But I thunk Daddy is deaf

To the sound of Mummy!


I laugh  then wait for my parents to go to sleep.


And start to eat the PANTS!

Then I chew the shoes

Then I get into BIG TROUBLE

But am allowed to keep the pants

Coz I make them into skirts….


Then we do it all over again the next morning!


It’s one of my FAVOURITE games

But Daddy’s pants take a lot of time to eat.

Not like Rude Angel’s.

I just pulled them off  –

And swallowed them in two pieces.


(Mummy is hiding hers – but I’m watching!).


wuff and wags

Dexter x