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9th September 2022

Dexter’s Day: Letter to the Queen’s Doggies


My name is Dexter.

We haven’t met but I’ve been thunking about you all day.

I am VERY SORRY to hear about your Mummy Person.

My Mummy tells me that your Mummy was MAGNIFICENT.

It is so very sad that your Mummy has gone to Heaven

But I’ve been thunking to myself that,

Your angel brothers and sisters will be waiting for her

and thunking of you all –

AND your Daddy person Angel will be ready to hug her.


But I know that you will be very sad.

We doggies need our Mummies –

and my heart breaks for you that you won’t see yours

Until you go up the Rainbow to the Angels.


Please remember how much you are WUFFED!

So VERY MUCH WUFF to you xx

From me

And from every doggy.


Our people have Things to Do

But whats important to us

Is that we stick together,

Wag our tails

And spread love to help them.


Please know I thunk about you

And many other doggies thunk about you too.

It will be okay.

And your Mummy will be wrapping her love around you,

From Heaven.


Wuff and wags

Dexter x


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