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12th February 2023

Dexter’s Day: Let your Happy OUT!

I wuff Sundays!

I wuff EVERY DAY! – especially TODAY – but I thunk I wuff Sundays BESTEST!

( Or maybe Monday? Wednesdays are good too? And Fridays)…..

Okay I do WUFF everyday!

Today was extra special though:

I took my parents for a Very Long Walk in the Very Cold Wind –

and I let them off the lead!

It was such good fun!

They kept walking nicely so I could see them  – and hear them –

But I was able to jump and run and play and bounce and jump some more,

In the meadow grass near Yialos!


I met two cats – (they weren’t very friendly ) – and one pheasant –

He was very big and by the time he’d talked to Air Traffic Control, for takeoff,

I was bored and went to find the cats again –

But I did wave my tail to him as he flew past!


My parents looked a bit lost and didn’t seem to know where they were going,

So I ran up to them, licked them for being good – and put them back on the lead…..


I’ve had a Wufferly Walk!

I thunk I’ve got the BEST life!

And I thunk I have the BEST days!

(Am going to get a puppy and show my parents how happy I can make him!)


Let your happy out today!

I let mine out and it was WONDERFUL!


wuff and wags

Dexter x