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27th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Laying out my plan.

I need to have a SERIOUS TALK to my parents!

Things just aren’t right –

But they could be if they’d listen to me.

So I’m taking matters into my own paws today:


The thing is , there isn’t enough room in my bed

For all of us –

Well, not the way we are lying down

At the moment!


I let Daddy go to bed first and choose his space.

Then Mummy goes and snuggles down.

Then, when they are both warm and asleep,

I ”dive bomb” them and get in the middle–

So they are both safer, warmer and snugglier –

And they cannot move

Without falling off the bed.


Daddy seems to be a bit angry about this.

Mummy laughs but has to get up.

I just want to sleep between them

But we are all waking up

and they get their Grumpy Faces…


SO, the plan is easy!

We move ALL of the furniture out of the big room

Where the TV is.

We put TWO beds in there, together

And we all sleep in THAT room!

There will be room for us all

AND, wait for it,


Daddy can put the TV on All of the Time!

He will be SO Happy…….


….Oh, I’ve just told Mummy.

She has her ”Oh no that’s not happening” face on.

Seems I have to choose between sleeping in MY OWN BED

Or at the bottom of their

But only quietly

And only when invited.


Hmmmmm. I need to talk to Tree, Rude Angel, Santa and Shawn about this.

There HAS to be a way…


Wuff and wags

Dexter x