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19th March 2023

Dexter’s Day: Ladies in Training!

It is a HUGE responsibility being Dexter The Destructordog!

I thunk people don’t understand how hard my job is!

First, I have to sniff out clues and stuff and poke my nose where it shouldn’t go:

(Daddy says I should have been a woman!).

Then I have to be an alarm clock and make sure Mummy gets up

At or before ”silly o’clock” so she doesn’t miss feeding the cats and the birds.

Then I’ve got to chase the cats so they don’t get fat from all they are eating

THEN I have to put my people on the lead and exercise them!

AND I’ve had to start to train my Aunties and Godmother,

how to walk nicely on the lead – and how to , erm, treat me right!


It’s going okay. Aunty Jane is under the paw now and adores me.

I slept with Susie for a few nights and showed her whose the boss,

Stealing the bed and snoring VERY LOUDLY!

Today, I’ve had another lesson with my God mother, Aunty Karen-

and we did ”combat training” – only with a little dog –

and also , ‘athletic balance and skid control” in the mud.


I thunk I’m going to have to write a manual so the ladies can study my needs.

Daddy wants one for Mummy too.

Wuff and wags ( and cute photo coz the ladies love that!).

Dexter x