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24th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: ‘L’ is for Love. Love is Forever.

I didn’t write yesterday because I was very sad.

I had a very big job to continue,

Showing one of my bestest friends, Charli,

How much we all love her.


Charli’s husband, Red, took his Angel wings yesterday,

Too quickly and far too soon –

And hearts are broken around him.

Most of all, Charli’s….


Now puppies are born with a ”Special Purpose”:

We have love built deeply into our souls

And don’t lose sight of it, the way humans do sometimes.

It makes our tails wag and our faces to smile.

From the top of our heads to the tip of our tails,

We are here to love you all: we just need the right humans to realise this.


Red was a wonderful human.

His heart was filled with love for Charli

and his life with her.

I know that this time will be so very difficult

So I’ve been helping a tiny little bit

By keeping my tail wagging with love for Charli

And covering her in kisses and cuddles

All of the time while she is here.


Doggies also know , that the soul is a very precious thing

and that it fills with love and memories and warmth and strength –

All of which stays around humans, wrapped in the ether.

We wag our tails so hard, to keep it spreading further and further –

But we understand human loss and grief too.


Our ”Special Purpose” is to love you, unconditionally –

and humans have this Purpose too  .

Life just gets tough sometimes

And it get’s forgotten in human world.


We don’t forget.

And I’ll keep reminding Charli

That Red had his ”Special Purpose” for her –

His Tenable Question would be:

”What’s L for?

It’s for Love for Charli, forever”…..


I’ll keep spreading this message with my waggly tail

But you can send your love and thoughts to Charli too!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x