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17th September 2023

Dexter’s Day: Just Thunking

I was thunking to myself before Silly O’clock today
That it would be really good fun to dive bomb Mummy – but I couldn’t find her!
She was playing hide and seek – and was sleeping on the settee –
Coz I’d dive bombed her a few hours ago and work her up then stole her space in the bed!

Mummy told me she was thunking that she needed a good nights sleep
Coz with Daddy’s snoring and my dive bombing, she was shattered!
I knowed she wasn’t angry with me coz her eyes were crinkled – well the bits that were opened were!

Anyway, we’ve sat together on the settee and talked and thunked and thunked and played
And I’m tired now – but Mummy is thunking SO very much, she’s got fizz coming out of her brain
So I’m going to snuggle her and jump on her and throw things at her, so she stops thunking a bit!

Then I thunk I’m going to EAT!

(Thunk it’s going to be a good day!).
Wuff and wags
Dexter x