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25th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Just chilling out!

I don’t understand humans! I knowed that my Mummy wanted to wake up early,
So I bounced and bounced on her; licked her face and pulled her hair.
Took the quilt off her and climbed into her feet – then she started to come around…..

“hurry up”, Mummy, I thunked to her. “The sun is shining, the birds are singing –
and I need to get to choose my sunbed quickly before the germans arrive!”

(Wot germans? I don’t know! I’ve just read this in the paper LOL).

So Mummy got up; fed me; fed the birds and our two cats – and is now working hard.
I’m snoozing on my chosen sunbed! Result!

Happy Sunday!
wuff and wags