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3rd January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Just call me ”chef”!

My Daddy is a great cook.

I like to watch him cooking

and I LOVE to eat what he makes.

Mummy is a good cook too

And she also let’s me eat stuff.

So I’m a very happy puppy!

(But we’re all going on a diet tomorrow!).


Me and Daddy were watching James Martin.

he is a very good cook too – but he doesn’t feed me.

I decided I’d better practise making my own food,

So I went to the pretend toy box

And took a large red onion (didn’t taste nice!)

And a large potato, (covered in mud ! Yummy!)

And brought them to my Daddy to show him.

I chopped the potato with my teeth,

Then peeled the onion with my teeth,

Then mixed them both up



I called it Dexter’s Delight!

And I could EAT IT!

But it didn’t taste as good as Daddy’s cooking.


Am going to ask Mummy to write to James Martin

So I can go on his programme

And teach him to make food I love to eat.


Wuff and wags

Dexter x