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11th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I’ve got sea legs!

I’m a puppy!
I’m a seafaring dog!
I’ve been on a BOAT!

I’ve pee’d on the boat too – so I now own it!

It was SO exciting!
There was a Big Dog on a boat near my boat and he was very nice.
He watched me put my lifejacket on
(I looked Cute and Cool according to my people!)

Then Big Dog watched me walk up the plank thing!
so I pretended I wasn’t scared!
But I was.
So I pee’d, then I felt better!

The boat didn’t go anywhere.
I just sat with my humans and listened to them talk rubbish.
Then I made a BBQ –
But I couldn’t have anything to eat because puppy food doesn’t BBQ
(I thought burgers WERE puppy food?)
Then I had water and the humans had beer.
(this is very unfair! I’m nearly 14 weeks old! I need beer!)

Then I smiled for the people going past in boats that moved.
Then I was VERY TIRED – so I went to sleep.
For two hours, 10 beers and 5 burgers!

I like the boat.
It smells good – and so did the burgers!
(Tell my Mummy I should get a burger for being a brave boy!).

Wuff and wags.
Dexter x