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9th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I’ve been to Yialos!

It is SOOOOO exciting!
I’m all grown up now – well am 13 weeks and 3 days, so that is ANCIENT!
And I met Nikolas , the puppy doctor, who smelt very good and I liked him.
I wagged my tail for him and sat very still.
Got my ”name badge” to wear in my skin
And got my ”going out magic” – so I took my humans OUT!
To the Human World!

We went to Yialos and watched the big, bright ball that I cannot catch, fall into the sea.
I hope it’s alright!

There were other humans there too!
They loved me and I loved them!
The Giants, my Aunties and Uncles and others who had the good smell that only nice humans have.

They showed their teeth but in a good way.
I wasn’t frightened.
I sniffed these new humans but I didn’t nip them:
I was TOOOOO busy!

There were rocks and bushes and stones and – oh wait – ANOTHER DOG!
I am a dog!
We talked and played a bit but I was TOOOO busy to stay still
So I let the humans walk with me very fast along the rocks!

It was great fun!
But humans aren’t as quick as me so they need practise to run with me.

I took 7 of my toys from my Bed of Dreams – and got two presents!
A pork chop and a new cuddly teddy!

I’m a puppy!
I’m a lucky puppy and I’m a happy puppy!
AND I”ve been to Yialos!
So I’m a grown up puppy!

(and I’m very tired now……………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) ( I didn’t take the photo. I haven’t got an iphone yet but am working on it. I like the look of Uncle Wayne’s……)

Wuff and wags.
Dexter x