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17th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: It’s Not Fair!

I’m not a happy puppy!

My Mummy and Daddy are MEAN!


Well, Brucie, Harry and Scraggy cat get fed twice a day.

I get fed three times a day BUT their food looks nicer!


Yesterday, they were allowed to have a friend round

For breakfast AND tea!

This big , silly blue eyed, ginger cat arrived


And Mummy FED IT!

And all four of the cats stared at me


Coz I was on my own and they had a gang!

So I got Rude Angel, Gorilla, Santa, Bone, Tree, Ball,

Monkey, Donkey, Plant Pot and Dust Pan –

And I SHOWED THEM just how many friends I have!


But I want a puppy!

Mummy says I cannot have one: she said I ate her puppy

And now I’m a big dog!

It’s not fair.

I’m going into the huff till, well, at least teatime.


Maybe the cats could join my gang?

I’ll ask Tree what he thinks.

But I’m not sharing my food!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x