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26th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: International Day of the Dog!

I thunk it’s my birthday again!

Ah, no it isn’t.

Mummy says it is , ”International Day of the Dog”:

A day when everyone celebrates dogs.


That’s strange!

EVERYDAY in my home is like that!

My Mummy treats me like a Prince!

But I’m not Prince. I’m Dexter: Prince is the Rottweiler we meet.

I thunk Mummy has had too much sun LOL!


ANYWAY, I thunk it’s lovely that dogs are celebrated today!

I’m going to celebrate too!

(What’s ”celebrate”? Can I eat it?).


I’m going to lie on the sofa; then on the bed;

Then outside on the squishy chair,

then back on the sofa –

and I’m going to EAT! EVERYTHING!

Coz it’s a very special day!


(Really, it’s just like everyday here – but Mummy seems happy about it,

So I will be too!).

Thunk that I’m going to get treats today too!


I love treats!

Especially ones I can EAT!


Be kind to your dog.

Be kind to all dogs

Be EXTRA kind to me – and send FOOOOOOD !


wuff and wags

Dexter x