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14th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Initiative!

While Mummy was on the telephone to the office,

Explaining a few things about laundry,

(What’s ”laundry”? Can I eat it?),

I started to thunk about what she was saying –



Every villa has it’s own ”stuff”-

and that ”stuff” has to have a ”mark”

so people know where it belongs!

(Am a VERY clever dog now I’m ONE YEAR OLD!).


So, while Mummy and Daddy were busy,

I thunked to myself that I would help

with our stuff at home!


The sparkly cover on the settee,

Two of the cushions,

The pillows in ”sick  bay”,

The mat at the front door,

Three tea towels and one big new towel

Plus  the t shirts on the washing line,

have now all been ”marked” by MEEEEEE!

So we know who they belong to!


I’ve put a ”Dexter bite hole” in EVERYTHING on the list-

And haven’t finished yet!

There is a ”whole”, (get it!), house to do today –

So I have to go coz I’m VERY BUSY.

(and at least no-one will take OUR stuff now!).


Wuff and wags

Dexter x

ps this mat now says, ”Come on in – we are Aweso……”

I took ”me” back! x