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2nd July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Influencer?

My Godfather person says I’m an , ”Influencer”.

Not sure what one is?  Can I eat it? I thought I was a Labrador!

Oh! I’ve thunked about this and I understand now:

Means I can do GOOD THINGS as well as naughty things-

And encourage people to do things MY way!

I like this!

I’m thunking I’ll influence my parents to feed me more.

And to buy me more treats.

And to take me swimming more

And to give me more of the bed at night!


Its good being an ”Influencer”.

Am thunking its my Birthday Eve Present

Because I’m ONE tomorrow!

It’s my birthday – and I can eat EVERYTHING!


But because I’m becoming VERY OLD, I’m going to be serious now:

Please be kind to your pets.

And your people.

And your plants.

And the world.


And don’t drink out of wet glasses.

And DO feed me LOTS!


It’s too hot for my paws to touch the ground today,

So am going to lie down and do lots of thunking about good things.

I’ll be back……

Have a wuffly day.

Wuff and wags