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20th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: In the pink.

Me and Mummy and we and Us, crawled back into bed this morning just before silly o’clock.
We’d got up early coz there were things to do – well Mummy had things to do so I woked her up!

After we’d fed me and fed the birds and ratty, then fed Brucie Cat and Emma Cat, then made a Lovely Cup of Tea, we crawled back into bed for a snooze….
But the sky was SO lovely, Mummy was telling me, that we had to ‘talk to each other’ not snooze!

So we watched the early morning grey and clouds, start to get ‘tickled’ by the sun coming up,
And, as if by magic, the clouds began to turn pink and happy and this colour spread right across the sky.

It made Mummy’s eyes crinkle with happiness – and that made me happy too – coz Mummy stopped talking!

Till she said to me, ‘See Dexter: even when it seems so dark and grey, the sun works it’s magic and things get brighter again‘.

I thunked, ”What? As long as the new day brings me my breakfast, I’m a happy doggy!”

Wuff and wags
Dexter x