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1st December 2021

Dexter’s Day: In the Huff!

I didn’t blog yesterday

Because I was in a BIG HUFF

With my Mummy!


She was mean to me.

Daddy said so.

I only tried to help

By licking all of the dirty dishes in the machine

Then climbing into the machine and getting stuck

And breaking the door

Coz I’m heavy.


Mummy told me to stop

But I thought she was playing –

So I didn’t.

So I got into BIG TROUBLE

and went to see Daddy.


He put my bed and toys

next to him

And I lay there quietly,

not speaking to Mummy

Coz she’d shouted.


Daddy laughed.

He said, ”give her a few minutes”

and , sure enough, Mummy got upset

coz I wasn’t her friend

And she came and cuddled me.


She gave me cute eyes

and a tummy tickle

So I forgave her

and JUMPED all over her

Till she laughed again.



I don’t like the BIG HUFF.

Daddy is good at it.

I can try harder I suppose

But I love my Mummy

So I don’t want to not speak to her.


Wuff and wags

Dexter x