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30th September 2021

Dexter’s Day: In Big Trouble!

I’m in Big Trouble.
Not sure exactly where this is but it’s near The Dog House.
My Daddy Person is in Big Trouble too, so it must be fun!

Not sure what we did.
Mummy shouted because Daddy left the front door open so I could go out and explore the whole big world – so I did!

I didn’t get far because it was too much fun playing bouncing up and down on the top of the cover on the big water bowl that Daddy person swims in. It’s soft and squishy and I can run fast – especially when Brucie or Harry come to see me.

Mummy person wasn’t happy at all.
She doesn’t like the big water bowl very much but I do. And so does my Daddy person so we’ll have to play in it together when she’s not looking.

I tried to make her smile so I started to help the boys with the decorating again. There was a big piece of paint drying and hanging off the wall, so I pulled it off altogether and left a lovely big hole. It looks great.

But maybe it doesn’t coz I had to go back into The Dog House!

It’s hard work trying to keep my humans happy! I’m trying to be a good boy and I keep giving ”cute eyes” to Mummy but Daddys says it’s no good trying until Mummy is in a Better Mood…… (Not sure where that place is but I’ll find out).

Anyway, am busy today. I’ve got three socks, one shoe (new) and a doggy doorstop to fight so I better get moving and will talk to you later.

Wuff and wags
Dexter x
ps do you like my coat? Mummy is making me wear it to practice because when I come out of the Dog House and Big Trouble, she is going to tell me about going on a Boat! I’m excited!
But what is a boat?