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3rd November 2021

Dexter’s Day: I’m in the Car!

I’m such a Big Boy!
I’m grown up and have been to the Big World!
Am in the CAR!!

It’s so very exciting.
The wind blows my ears
I can see the world hurrying by
And there are other dogs in their cars!

I had to take Mummy and Daddy to Paphos
I let them drive
Well Mummy drove and Daddy told her how to.
I stayed in the back in the ”bucket”
Well Mummy said there was a ”bucket seat”
But I couldn’t find one.

There was a hole in the seat
So I may it bigger so I could sit properly.

I like Mummy’s car.
It fits me very good.
The Bucket is very soft
And I can go to sleep
But I don’t because I’m in Big Charge!

We stopped the car and went for a walk.
Mummy was tied up to me and we met a DOG!
Like me!
But in white!
She was called Sally and she was a ”older woman”
But she kissed me!

I’m in love!
But I love my Mummy best
And my Daddy
But Sally smells good too.

We are going in the car again tomorrow.
I haven’t told my parents yet
But I will

After I’ve slept because I’m very tired now……….

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x