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2nd April 2022

Dexter’s Day: I’m Home!

It’s been a lovely couple of days

(but don’t tell my Mummy

Coz it will make her sad to think

I didn’t miss her- though I did).


Lindsay is a Very Good Teacher!

Well, she has Very Tasty Hot Dogs

and that makes all the difference!

I pretended I was listening to her

So she gave me extra treats-

but really, I just liked the treats!


The school was great: I met many new friends.

We chatted all day long in our rooms

And even stayed up late to talk when Lindsay slept.

There was a big field where I could run and run

and play and run some more-

so it was just lovely.

BUT even more lovely is,


With my Mummy and Daddy!

In their bed!

Taking up all of the space!

And they don’t mind a bit

Coz they feel guilty

So am going to be a DIVA

And keep up the ”cute eyes”

For a few days

Until they buy the same hot dogs as Lindsay had!


SOOOOO happy! x

wuff and wags

Dexter x