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27th September 2022

Dexter’s Day- I’m Home!

Bed and pot and pants and Shawn and Teddy and Blue Crocodile

And String and Pull and Me – we are HOME!

We’ve been on a trip

To train Lyndsay coz she has to train dogs:

So as I’m the Best Dog In The World,

Mummy and Daddy loaned me to her

To Teach Her!


She’s very good at learning!

We played and ran and jumped and chased.

She wasn’t good at sleeping next to me in my room

But I’ll have to go back and show her that again-

But I don’t thunk there was room in my bed

Coz of all of the Things!


Am VERY HAPPY to be home!

I thunk Mummy and Daddy may have sneaked away too.

When I spoke to the cats today,

They said a  Lovely Man has been feeding them –

But he didn’t bring them a toy each day,

Like I do,

So I’ll have to teach him to do this for next time!


I thunk it’s lovely to go away to meet people

But it’s More Lovely to come home –

and see my parents

And more toys

And the cats

and EAT!


(I’m doing Big Cute Eyes, so Mummy thunks I’m sad –

So she is giving me the chicken she cooked for Daddy!).


(Am doubly clever I thunk!).

Wuff and wags

Dexter x