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21st October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I’m going to be a BEAR!

I’m very excited.
I’m a happy puppy and I’m going to be a BEAR!

(What’s a bear?)

Mummy was going to disappear into the machine which takes her smile away.
Daddy has one too.
Daddy is ALWAYS staring at this machine and it makes him frown.

Mummy only looks at hers now and again:
Sometimes it makes her smile.

She likes to play a game with me :
She picks up the machine and I knock it over!
She shouts and picks it up again.
I knock it over!

I wasn’t quick enough today – and Mummy laughed at her machine
Then told me I was going to be a BEAR!

Her machine told her that Bear is a black labrador BIG dog!
I’m a Black Labrador little dog!
And Big Dog Bear, knows what Gin oçlock is – and brings his Mummy gin!

He’s a Good Boy!
I want to be a good boy!
I will bring gin!
But only when I’m a Bear – but what is gin?

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x