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7th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: I’m busy!

Mornings can be very difficult, can’t they?

This morning, I couldn’t decide whether to get up

Or snuggle into my Mummy and make her lie still

Or help her get dressed ,

(She says only one of us can literally wear the trousers –

but I nearly climbed into one of the legs with her leg!).

Or rescue Rude Angel from the puddle

Or have my breakfast !


Breakfast won!

I love to eat and eat and eat!


Now I’m very busy in the office with Mummy.

We’ve had three cuddles on the sofa

Which Mummy says is naughty coz she has work to do

But I think is FUN so we do it!


I’ve been stuck in the cat flap again,

talking to Brucie cat

And then I’ve had to get all of the blankets

Out of bed for the cats,

Now I’m eating a hat!

But it’s okay, coz there are two hats here!

(Mummy says it’s a Fedora not just a hat –

I say, can I eat it? Oh , I have!).


Anyway, I’m tired now and Brucie won’t play

So I”m going to sleep on the sofa again.

Till lunchtime.

Then I can EEEEEAAAAATTTT biscuits again!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x