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28th June 2022

Dexter’s Day: I’m Back!

Hello everyone with and without waggly tails!

Am SO HAPPY to be back!

I had to go on a VERY SPECIAL MISSION:

To train Lyndsay , the dog trainer, in how to make me happy!

And it worked!

She DID!

Well, except for making me behave –

Which I don’t mind doing as long as it’s behaving badly!

And I had playmates.

And I took Gorilla, Shoe, Shaun and Daddy’s nibbled drawers with me.

(I nibbled them and made holes, not Mummy.

Just saying!).


Anyway , it was GREAT FUN!

For them – and a bit of great fun for me.

Coz Lyndsay fed me and walked me and played with me –

And she says I’m, ”beautifully bonkers!”

(I thought I was a Labrador?!)


Am home today.

Mummy cried and Daddy played.

And I just made Kennel Smells EVERYWHERE!

Especially in the clean places.


I love being home.

Now, what can I eat?


Wuff and wags

Dexter x