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3rd December 2021

Dexter’s Day: I was ATTACKED!

I’m soooooooo tired!

It’s been a very busy and frightening day.

And it’s only 3pm!


It started off okay:

I dive bombed my humans

then we all got up

and got biscuits for me.

Then we went out.


It all went wrong when we stopped for a coffee.

I don’t even drink coffee!

I’m a puppy for goodness sake!

I just like muddy water

But the humans wanted coffee

So I let them stop the car

And we went into a cafe.


He was called Benny –

And he was HUGE!

His human said, ”Don’t mind Benny:

He is very territorial”

– (whatever that is).

”He’s beautiful,” said my Mummy.

Beautiful, I thought?

He’s mahoosive and dangerous –

and he’s coming to get me.



So I jumped as high as I could,

landed on Mummy’s knee –

and she laughed!


I was going to be KILLED!


I cried so much,

we got back into the car quickly.

Daddy said, ”Dexter, that’s your first meeting

With a Norweigan Forest Cat”.

I didn’t know this is what lions are called



Not content with this,

My humans then took me for another coffee –

and it was a zoo!

There were bunny rabbits and goats,

Chickens and sheep –

and they all came to talk to me!


I hid.

So we are now home.


I’m sat on Mummy’s knee

In case we have lions in the forest

behind our house –

and I’m going to have a sleep.


Because Mummy will protect me –

Won’t she?


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x