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2nd October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I met the Giants!

I am only a puppy
But when I grow up, I’m going to be a BIG DOG!
I’m going to be brave and fast and strong and – oh, who is this?

Oh! More people! I love people!
These are BIG people!
They will be able to help me climb up the tree to follow Brucie cat!
And jump onto the kitchen cabinet to steal food!

And I bet they are strong enough to fight the wooden monster who is hiding my food.
I NEED my food!
Daddy only feeds me SIX TIMES A DAY!
I’m starving….

Oh! That’s a very nice tummy tickle I’m getting off the lady Giant! I like her a lot! And she smells good too!
The Man Giant is scared of me, I think. He’s hiding with me Daddy near the paint pots.
Think I’ll go and throw one of my toys at him and give him a fright.

How am I supposed to say ‘Susie Floozy and The Great Raymondodoulou’?
I’m only 12 weeks old for goodness sake.
I’ve just found my bark but I think it got scared coz it’s hiding back in my tummy and won’t come out to play.

These Giants are GOOD PEOPLE.
These are the BEST giants in the whole world and I’m not scared of them one bit!
they must be coz Mummy gave them that black hot water stuff in a cup: the stuff that burns my nose when I stick my nose into it.
I do this every morning just to check when Mummy take a cup of tea to Daddy – but it still hurts.
Tomorrow might be better.

Anyway, I’m a lucky puppy.
So many good people to play with me and talk to me.
Wish they would let me sleep though.
It’s hard work being a puppy and keeping everyone happy!

I need my sleep coz I need to look into my dreams and see what is going on and how I can be EVEN MORE naughty when I wake up.

Susie and R…….. (I might just call him ”grrrrrrrr”) are lovely. They are my special giants and can come and play with me anytime.

I haven’t pee’d for them yet but I will next time.

Wonder if they’d let me climb up their legs to get into the tree outside? I’ll do ”cute eyes” at them next time I see them to check.

Am tired.
And I’m hungry
But I’m a puppy……….

Wuff and wags.
Dexter x