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5th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I Met A Baby!

It was so exciting yesterday!
I didn’t know humans come in small sizes too – and I met one!
Of my very own!
To play with and snuffle!
And he liked me!

Mummy person wasn’t very good though.
I wanted to take my new friend, Finn, around the room with me and Mummy wouldn’t let me.

I gave Finn my toy to play tug with but he had his own bus.
So I stole his bus so he had to play tug with me – and I got into BIG TROUBLE again!

The humans were cuddling Finn and making a big fuss so I tried to climb up too –
and got into MORE big trouble!

Then Brucie cat came flying from the vine onto the table and wanted a cuddle too.
Finn was very happy to have me and the cat playing around him
But Brucie wasn’t very happy to let me play tug with his tail.
He screamed
and , guest what!
Big Trouble for Dexter again!

So I had to go back to The Dog House!

Am a puppy. I want to PLAAAAYYYYYY!
But I don’t like Big Trouble.

I like to sleep so I’m going to now…………..
Wuff and wags
Dexter x
ps Finn is my favourite baby. I like small humans!