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1st October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I like BBQ’s!

I really like BBQ’s.
And I want to be a cat – because last night when the humans were eating, Brucie cat could jump from the pergola straight into the plate of chicken and steal some!

He doesn’t like me yet: I asked him very nicely if I could have a piece of chicken too but he ignored me and jumped out of the way of the humans, pushing their cups away as he ran.
It was great fun – and made a lot of noise!

When I’m a big boy, I’m going to jump from the pergola onto the table – or maybe I’ll just keep trying to climb up the chairs legs and get onto the table that way.

I NEARLY got to the chicken last night: one of my lovely Uncle people, Wayne, lifted me up onto his knee coz I gave him the full, ”cute eyes and big smile” look. He’s a big softie and gives good cuddles so I didn’t mind him lifting me up – but , ARGH, Aunty Karen moved the chicken out of the way so Uncle Wayne couldn’t get it! So I couldn’t reach. I thought about pee-ing on his knee to make him look at something else then I was going to RUN VERY FAST across the table and get the chicken – but I couldn’t.
I’d used all of my pee”s up on the carpets and rugs.
I’m busy making some more now because there are places I haven’t marked yet….

I’m only young but I know already that my parent humans tell me off but my aunty and uncle humans love to me bits and think it’s funny when I’m naughty.
So I’m thinking about saving up ALL of my naughty things until more family people come to see me – then I can do what I want and not get told off!

I didn’t like my Mummy person for a fraction of a moment of a second last night. She made the horrible brown door bite the thing that keeps wagging on my bum – and it hurt a bit. Mummy cried.
I didn’t because I’m a big boy – but I’m going to GET that door when I’ve finished making my teeth very sharp.

Started sharpening them this morning on Mummy’s leg. It had fallen off the bed so I could reach it and nip it! Good thing I did because it was late – almost 6am – and we hadn’t played much! She got up very quickly though so we did play a bit – after I got told off – AGAIN!

Am very busy this morning.
I’ve helped Uncle Don and taken his paintbrush outside to dry but the stuff on it, has gone all over my nose and one of my paws. It doesn’t taste very nice!
Daddy person played chase with me though and I won so I gave him the brush back.
Mummy person has just had to wash me – again!

Need to go and find Brucie and Harry now so I’ll talk to you later….. but I need a sleep first….
Wuff and Wags
Dexter x