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12th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: I Can Fly!

It worked!
I have practised and practised
and it worked!

I got my ”éngines running” on the balcony,
stood in the little parcel I’d made
and jumped in the air,
Flying like a bird –

and landing heavily on my Mummy’s head as she slept in her bed!

She was SOOOOOO happy!
I could hear her making ”happy noises” through her teeth
under the covers
Coz she couldn’t move
Coz I’m HUGE
and I had her pinned down!

It was okay though!
I was a GOOD BOY –
and pulled the covers off her head,
stood on her hair to keep her still –
And gave her puppy nibbles on her nose and arm!

Then we played!
When I let go, she chased me around the room
and the balcony
and outside (but we fed the cats too).

Then I had biscuits from the Big Wooden Door
and Mummy made her ”peace and quiet” drink
but I jumped again to show her I could fly!
And she dropped it!

It was very nice.
I like ”peace and quiet” –
but Mummy didn’t seem to want anymore
Coz she told me she ”wasn’t talking to me”,
And she tried to go back to bed!

So I got my engines running again………

and I’m back in the Dog House!

Wuff and wags.
Dexter x