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5th October 2021

Dexter’s Day: I am Gay!

I am gay!
Well, I’m very happy!
Am a him, it, puppy, little tish…… you name it, I’m being called it!

”They” , the humans think it’s very funny to call me gay!
I think they are just jealous because they cannot do what I was doing.

You see, one of the boys from the team came to visit me.
He has a very handsome big dog who is just like me!
Except he is big and I’m little.
And he is ”all growed up” and I’m still cooking…
But we are the same!

So my visitor smelt lovely!
I love doggy smells and put them EVERYWHERE!
So I got very excited – and ”cuddled” his leg!
A lot!

and wouldn’t let go!

And I had a ”’lipstick”!
Not like my Mummy’s , (she loves lipstick (!))
But one of my VERY OWN!
It felt funny but it was fun!

And guess what?


Can’t a puppy have a little bit of fun, jumping a doggy fragranced leg in the privacy of his own home?

I need a Book of Things I can do!
And I bigger one of Things I shouldn’t do!

Not sure what gay is but if it’s as good as being a happy puppy, that’s just great!

Anyway, I’ve lost my lipstick now and cannot find it.
I keep looking but it’s disappeared.
And I’m very tired now so am going to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep .

Wuff and Wags.
Dexter, (Him, It, Puppy, Doggy, Little Tish)