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4th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: I am betrothed!

I thought I was a Puppy!
But I’m a ”betrothed”.

What is that?
I’m a Labrador!
Is ”betrothed” a type of Labrador?….

Oh, I see.
Mummy has explained…
I’m going to marry an older woman!

But I love my Mummy!
She is my older woman!
I don’t want to be away from my Mummy!

Oh, she’s shown me a photo of Ruby!
She has such a long waggly tail
And her paws are amazing!
But where is her lipstick?!

Anyway, she is very pretty
And I would like to smell her bum
But we are only just betrothed
So I cannot do that until we are formally engaged

Don’t know what engaged is
But we have a party!
And there will be biscuits and food!
I like engaged!
I want to be engaged to EVERYONE!

I’m in trouble again…
No, I’m a one Ruby puppy and there is only one betrothal…..
That is my Mummy speaking
I don’t care
I just want BISCUITS!

Ruby likes biscuits
I can tell by her ”biscuit tummy”
And she is older than me
So maybe she knows how to open the big scary door
Then I will share my biscuits with her
Well, some of them anyway.

I’m tired now.
All of this talk of older women and biscuits has worn me out
Daddy tells me he feels the same.

So we are both going to sleeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp

Wuff and Wags
Dexter (and poorly Daddy) xx