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13th June 2022

Dexter’s Day: I am an Artist!

Aunty Jane is right:

She’s says I must be an Artist because I have a  pencil!

I’m very happy about this.

Coz I look at my pencil a lot and

Wonder what to do with it!

But now I know!

I can write my name in the sand

And on the pathways

And the rocks and the grass

And the balcony when Mummy isn’t looking!


I’m going to practise turning in circles

While I ”draw” things on the ground

And I’ll make sure my ”tanks” are full

So there is plenty to draw with!

(though Daddy says there is plenty of lead in my pencil:

Not sure what lead is – but I DON’T want to eat it!”)


Mummy has told me to put my pencil back in it’s case

And leave it alone.

Or it will fall off.

Daddy and I thunk that’s just girl talk!


Off to ”drawing class’….

wuff and wags

Dexter x