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7th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: House Otters

I’m going to meet House Otters!

(What are they?

Can I eat them?)

Mummy says two of my favourite people

have new House Otters.

I didn’t know they had Old House Otters

But they have a pool – and Otters swim

So I suppose that’s okay!

Not sure what I have to do with House Otters.

I thunk that I just have to be polite and behave

Which is very difficult.

I’d rather jump and play and run

But maybe the House Otters are fast too?


Anyway, while two of my favourites are away,

I’ll have the House Otters to talk to and thunk too

and will get them into my way of playing – which is LOTS!


Mummy says we may have House Otters too!

I cannot wait!

Hope Daddy cleans the pool first

And that they like cats

Coz I love Brucie cat and Harry and Scrappy and Holly.

(They don’t love me and I don’t even try to eat them!)


wuff and wags

Dexter x