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12th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: House Move?


Mummy and Daddy have been talking this morning –

No, that doesn’t scare me coz they do now and again –

But they’ve been talking about MOVING HOUSE!

They are LEAVING ME!


With The Gate and The Big Scary Wooden Door!

And no tool kit…..



Oh, what?

Ah, they are taking me with them!


Can I have my breakfast now?

Ah, so I did. But that was 4.30 am

And it’s 10am now and I’M STARVING!


Anyway, I’m not sure about this idea of house move.

What about Brucie , Harry and Scrappy cat?

Oh – they will come too.

Good. I need something to chase and bark at.


I’ve put all my toys in my bed ready.

And collected more trees and sticks from the garden….

Am ready.


But apparently it’s going to take A LONG TIME

Before this happens.

There are Things To Do and Plan!


Like feeding Dexter!

Come on, let’s dooooooo it.

House hunting can wait but biscuit hunting cannot!…


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x