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22nd October 2023

Dexter’s Day: House guests

Me and Daddy and Mummy and we and us and I, have ‘them ‘ staying with us!
“Them’s” very nice people: in fact, they are very wufferly people
Coz they feed me and are taking me for a walk today.
(They don’t know about the walk yet- am saving that news for later!).

Daddy says he’s known Them since before I was around and when he was a little boy.
I worry that Mummy and Daddy have ‘Before Dexter’ life – but I know my angel brothers and sisters looked after them.
Now it’s my job – and I’m in Big Charge!

‘Them’ are staying for a few days but it’s not long enough for me to play good with them
So I’m thunking I’m going to double play today to make up for it!

Me and Mummy have already been down to feed the cat gang and we’ve been for a walk!

We aren’t going to tell anyone though: coz they may not want to walk me
and I WUFF to walk!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x