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19th April 2022

Dexter’s Day: House arrest?

Not sure what is going on

But Daddy is under ”House Arrest”.

I heard Mummy telling someone about it today….


Oh? It’s not Daddy. It’s ME!

(What’s House Arrest? Can I eat it?).


Seems I’ve been ”playing the wounded martyr”

A bit too much.

So Mummy BELIEVES I’ve hurt my back leg.

So shes making me REST IT!

And all I wanted was MORE FOOD!


See I was thunking to myself,

Mummy is a big softie

So if I pretend to be hurt,

She’ll feed me MORE!


But it’s not working!

I have got a sore paw

But I keep forgetting which one it is

So I do the ”very sad cute eyes”

And try to get more biscuits.

BUT Mummy says I need to go on a DIET!

So I’m not too heavy so I don’t hurt my paws!


It’s not FAIR!

I’m a PUPPY!

And I’m hungry…….(well, not really but it sounds good).


There’s one good thing about House Arrest though.

Mummy stays with me and we snuggle!


wuff and wags

Dexter x