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17th May 2023

Dexter’s Day. Home alone.

Uncle Mike person said he was going to get the suitcases from upstairs.

I thunked to myself, ”That’s good. I can eat them!”

But I couldn’t though I tried.

I woz also thunking it was very early for suitcases:

It was only 4pm people time and they don’t go into the sky, till 11pm!

But Uncle Mike likes to be prepared but I think they want to leave me –

and the gin has run out! (I heard Mummy say this!) –

And Aunty Carole person had given Aunty Jane and Uncle Steven, a fright!

She was in her rolling pins in her hair when they came to say goodbye!

BUT they brought donuts – but not for meeeeeee.

( I got lots of treats and lots of cuddles and lots of fun!).


Am very sad they are going home.

They’ve behaved very well and done as I told them

so I only stole two pairs of glasses, one wallet and a phone charger!


Training starts all over again when my new people arrive!

Till then, wuff and wags

Dexter x