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14th March 2024

Dexter’s Day: Holidays are coming!

I was thunking to Mummy, ‘why do people come on holiday and leave their dogs at home?”
I’m very sad if Daddy and Mummy aren’t here except that Malcolm comes to play with me, so that’s okay.
But I thunk there must be many doggies who are sad to be away from their parents.
My friend Finn, who lives in the UK, has people to look after him when his parents are here –
and I don’t thunk he minds that too much.

Mummy says people dream about coming on holiday, to swim in the sea and relax by the pool.
I must be on holiday ALL of the time coz I swim in the sea and I relax by the pool –
normally on a sunbed which makes Mummy laugh.

I don’t dream of holidays: I dream of sausages! Coz I can eat them!

It’s good to dream – and my Daddy says it’s good to have a holiday coz you feel better afterwards.
You get out of your normal routine and have a bit of fun too, he tells me.
Well, I have fun all of the time – and I wuff my routine; especially feeding times!
And walks. And swims. And cuddles. And being out in the car.

I just wuff being a Dexter and I’d wuff to meet you when you come on holiday here to Coral Bay or Peyia!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x