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25th February 2023

Dexter’s Day: Holiday weekend!

It’s a bank holiday weekend here!

Am very happy about this coz my parents are home!

With me!


Well, not really coz I’m with them and they are with each other-

Apart from when my Daddy plays out with his friends at yialos today

And Mummy goes shopping and to ”do stuff”……

BUT we are together and that is all that matters –

AND we are going to have a picnic on Monday!

And I can EAT IT!

…….ah, Mummy says I cannot eat it: it’s for people,

But I thunk she’ll give me little bits of it

And , if I practice my ”cute eyes”, the people will feed me…


We will have lots of walks and lots of plays

but Daddy says we are ”doing jobs” coz Mummy says he has to!


I thunk I will win  and there will be no jobs done and lots of fun!

First I need to sleep on my settee coz I was up Very Early with Mummy:

She didn’t seem very happy to see me right then

So I’m going to keep dive bombing her over the weekend

To make her laugh and throw toys about to keep her busy!


Have a wufferly weekend

Wuff and wags

Dexter x