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13th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Hide and Seek.


Am in the office today,

Hiding behind the door,

Right next to the cat flap!

I’m waiting for Brucie cat to come in.

He loves the office

And curls up in his bed

Under Mummy’s desk –

But now when I’m here.

So I’m hiding from him

Hoping he’ll come in through the cat flap

Then we can play Chase in the office!


Mummy keeps telling me off.

She doesn’t understand

That I HAVE to keep sticking my head out of the flap

To see if Brucie is coming!

Mummy says he’ll see me

And won’t come in.

But I’m quick – and, except when my ears get stuck,

I pull my head back in quickly –

As soon as Brucie is next to me

So he will think I’ve disappeared.


But it’s not working.

I saw him and waited SECONDS for him

To jump through the flap

and he didn’t come!

So I stuck my head out again

And he was still sitting there, outside,

So I hid again – then stuck my head out again

And he’s still sitting there!


This is no fun!

I’m hiding and he’s not playing.

Cat’s are silly.

I’m a puppy and I want to plaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy


Wuff and wags

Dexter x